Practical Training at Caddyboo experience

In November 2019, I decided to assist in SLUSH Event because of a friend’s recommendation. During the event, I had the opportunity to network with the CEO of a startup named Caddyboo. We spoke about different topics in the event. Afterward, I had an interview because they were hiring because of market expansion.

Hence, after an interview, I decided to accept the internship because the role of the Business Development Intern had my attention. In my previous experiences, I had sales experience, and I thought this was a “different” way of making sales. The truth is that since the company is small, I ended up participating in activities related to sales, marketing. Additionally, the role was in remote working mode, which helped me to combine it easily with school work.

Caddyboo is a company that focuses on e-commerce in the European market, manufactures a product for golf athletes. Besides the business perspective, they also focus on sustainable values and are continually developing partnerships with NGOs.

In the internship, I met people from different countries as well. Even when most of the interns and paid workers are located in Finland, there are many working in China, England, and France. Hence, I also expanded my network.

Among the different activities I did is lead search for the company in the Scottish market, provided SEO and website revamp suggestions, developed Post-purchase experience tools, and produce marketing content.

Author: Heidy Montero