Practical Training Blog Post

My practical training was completed within my institution of the JAMK University of Applied Sciences, in its Summer School. My role as a JAMK Summer School Assistant began with a clear set of tasks that required my focus, such as supporting the incoming exchange students and faculty before, during and after their stay, providing administrative assistance, collaborating with JAMKO tutors and ideating for social program activities, to name a few. These were done under the supervision of Minna Junttila and Ani Lietonen.

The JAMK Summer School was very positive and valuable addition to my work experience as it was one a place where not only did I get to apply the knowledge and skills I had already gained, but I also got the opportunity to improve them further and acquire entirely new set of skills. My previous skills were valuable for the administration and documentation-related tasks however the new skills were acquired as a result of exposure to a highly internationalized environment with a richness in diversity. Such an environment helped me to develop my interpersonal and communication skills while remaining sensitive to possible cultural differences and/or language barriers.

The on-the-job learning was very well supported by my supervisors and colleagues who created a judgement-free and comfortable environment for questions to be asked and new things to be learned. There were instances where difficulties or stressful situations arose, for example delays in certain tasks or miscommunications, but the supportive work environment taught me how to tackle such situations while ensuring that the task at hand is done as well as possible and that the people involved are well-informed of it.

I completed my practical training with an improved work-life skill set and new knowledge of the attitudes needed in persevering through different types of situations, both positive and negative,  that may arise in my future workplaces.

Author: Amaya Hundal