PT blog post

I did my practical training at Kuortane Olympic Training Center under the supervision of Jussi Töyrylä. The PT started of with clear guidelines of what was expected from both sides. After that most of the work was done independently based on my learnings from school. If things were unclear or I needed advise on any matters I was always welcome to contact Jussi for his expertise on the matter. As I am Swedish my tasks were mostly focused on targeting the Swedish market. As Kuortane is located just 1,5 hours from Vaasa, which in its turn offers ferries to and from Umeå in Sweden, it offers rather good opportunities for Swedish sport teams to come to Kuortane for sports camps. In the start of the PT most assignments were focused on translations in order to provide me with materials to use in the marketing process. After I had materials to work with in my marketing strategy, I conducted some research about competitors in Sweden to find potential advantages that Kuortane might have had. To reach as many organizations as possible and to do so in an effective manner, I contacted the head offices of the sports associations to scout the situation and find out if there was any interest in using the facilities at Kuortane for a training camp. I also used google ads to market Kuortane Olympic Training Center to the Swedish market.

Author: Alexander Wingqvist