Jump over the boundaries with Parkour Academy by Aleksandra Motorina

This summer, July and August 2020, I was doing my practical training for Parkour Academy in Jyväskylä. The offer about the opportunity to make an internship came to school e-mail and I was ready to apply.

The Parkour Academy brand includes Parkour Academy Ltd., Parkour oppimiskeskus ry, Parkour Vault Oy. The brand was found in 2008 and offers expertise in parkour teaching, coaching, life, and film shows and providing parkour equipment.

The practical training offered a perfect place to learn the skills needed in international business. As a student, I took part in the Development Project of the company.  The tasks for students where consisted mainly of finding out details about international companies and doing marketing research about them. I worked in a group did the marketing and financial ratio research about companies in a specific region collected the findings into the document and presented results on a regular meeting. The tasks were engaging because sometimes it was hard to obtain some information. We got constant supervision from JAMK and the company it was helpful during the practical training.

I am glad that I could take part in the Development Project it helped me to stay on track during the COVID-19 situation, summer holidays and get some new connections. I have a great experience of using the technical tools not only for studies but also in the working process.

Overall, I saw this practical training as a noticeable experience for my working life and future career.


Author: Aleksandra Motorina