Interesting internship as a customer service advisor by Markus Kaitala

As a customer service advisor, you get to interact with customers the whole day. This is an experience that will open you up if you are a bit on the shy side, but if you are an open and bubbly person, your job will be easy.

When communicating with people it is central to stay positive and professional. The most common situation with customer interaction is that there is a problem that the customer wants to report or they want to know why there is a problem. This can become daunting if you are not able to keep the mentality of them being a customer of the company you represent; thus, you take customers as your personal interactions.

I did my internship at Kaukokiito as a customer service advisor. So, I would be on the phone with customers every day, talking about their shipments and taking in shipment orders. I was fortunate to represent a modern and proactive company, which makes the customer service tasks more smooth, as most of the times we already knew if there was a delay in shipment and could inform the customer before they actually contacted us. This makes the customers service job flow nicely, as you are always on top of the situation and you are able to move the conversations into directions that leave the customer satisfied.

I personally wasn’t too keen on the idea of customer service before the internship, but when I actually got to work, it wasn’t so bad. And by the end I was actually quite enjoying it, as it gave me chances to improve my soft skills. My abilities to converse with people have expanded thanks to the internship and this is something that I will carry with me for a long time. The fact that before this internship I was somewhat terrified of phone conversations with strangers, but now I can actually do it without stressing about everything, which makes my life so much easier.

Author: Markus Kaitala