Learning to deal with rejection in sales with Arkkitehtiruutu by Veeti Aramo

My practical training experience probably differs from the usual because I had worked at the same company before starting my training. The training expanded my responsibilities, but not to any specific field. I did my training in part remotely and partly in the office due to the Covid-19 pandemic, both ways of working went well due to good communication between the company and me. I worked for small 15 employee company called Arkkitehtiruutu Oy, which is an architectural company emphasizing logistics and other larger scale construction.

My main tasks were supporting the company’s marketing efforts and act as the only business developer alongside the CEO of the company. Both of these I was able to do remotely as significant part of my work for marketing went into designing and building the company website. My business development practices were all about making phone calls and writing emails, I contacted old customers in order to inquire regarding future projects, which we could collaborate on. For completely new customers, I had access to a lead generating software, which automatically filtered me companies that fit our pre-set requirements, then I simply cold called through the list.

My time with Arkkitehtiruutu Oy taught me a lot about entrepreneurship, sales, and marketing, all of which I am hugely interested in. The main takeaway I had from this practical training experience was dealing with rejection. Vast majority of the calls I made and emails I wrote got answered with a decline, which in the beginning got to me slightly. But with the encouragement of my superior, I learned to deal with those rejections and keep on selling, while at the same time celebrating successfully developed business connections.

Author: Veeti Aramo