Practical training at the Snowest Travels, Rovaniemi by Siina Yli-Suvanto

This practical training experience differed from every other work that I had done before because I did it fully remotely from a different city. I am very lucky and happy that I got this opportunity to complete practical training in a tourism company despite the Covid-19 pandemic. Snowest Travel is a start-up company that is operating in Rovaniemi.

All tasks for which I was responsible were done on a computer. Although there was also an opportunity for me to work in the field, but unfortunately because of the pandemic it did not happen. In the end, there was a lot for me to do for example I edited the website of the company, handled the SEO (search-engine-optimization), made social media advertisements, took care of the different sales channels, and created content among other tasks.

This practical training taught me self-sufficiency and challenged me with different kinds of work tasks that were not my expertise. My supervisor from the company encouraged me along with the practical training to excel myself. I enjoyed this practical training experience very much and I was able to develop a different kind of skills. Now I also can recommend warmly taking on different challenges, such as remote practical training – those are the present day. Even though I was working alone from home, I got help and support from the company, so I wasn’t left alone.

Author: Siina Yli-Suvanto