My internship at Goldsun Media Group Vietnam by Linh Luong

I had a great chance to work as Salesperson in one of the biggest Advertising and Communications companies in Vietnam. Based on audience-centric approach, Goldsun is committed to being a leading, reliable and effective communication service provider in Vietnam. With rapid development speed, Goldsun Media is the company that owns the largest indoor and outdoor billboard system throughout the North, Central and South regions with more than 89,000 square meters of advertising area across the country.

As an trainee, I was trained how to get new clients and how to take care of the current clients of the team. Also, I learnt how to use the company’s tool such as Base Vietnam work platform, Linked In, Microsoft Office and popular social media platforms. I often used Linked In to get new contacts from clients. It is a very useful tool. Moreover, I was tasked to go on 2 to 3 work trips to other cities in Vietnam to do market research. After the trips, I needed to do reports about the comparison between Goldsun’s products and our competitors’ products.

Overall, I was so lucky to have a chance to work in such a professional workspace where I could be a better version of myself. Besides, the important lesson I’ve got was I learned to work as a team without focusing entirely on myself. I also developed patience in situations when I had disagreement with other member(s) of the team. This definely will be an precious asset to me in my later career.”

Author: Linh Luong