Customer Service Experience at SOL Palvelut Oy by Irina Momot

Couple of years back I worked in Saint-Petersburg’s office of one Finnish company, operating in nuclear industry. I had a chance to sneak a peek at the Finnish corporate culture. And when I got a practical training position in SOL Palvelut Oy, which is fully Finland-based, I felt excited about new opportunities to get engaged in working environment with international spirit.

SOL is a multiservice company focused on providing outsourced solutions in business premises management, logistics, personnel recruitment and customer care. For my practical training I was assigned to hotel as a customer service specialist.

My on-the-job duties were to provide high quality customer service according to daily assignments and KPIs, to make changes in the daily plans on demand and come up with solutions to occurring customers’ requests, to coordinate activities with other hotel departments, like administration, logistics. Also, I contributed to inventory monitoring and planning to stipulate smooth service running.

This experience helped me to improve my organizational skills and discipline, so now I am able to perform results within strict time limits and under the pressure. I learned how to reflect on own accomplished work as in the end of the day we wrote down what had been done and how it correlated with KPIs. Being a part of international team, everyday I trained how to effectively communicate with my colleagues and customers and to manage conflicts. And as a nice bonus I had a chance to practice my English and German language skills and to significantly upgrade Finnish language skills.

As a result, I have a good understanding of how complex business management is and how all the processes are interconnected. And I would like to proceed with my future professional growth in business development field.

Author: Irina Momot