4 month remote internship in German company by Dilyara Kenzhebayeva

I had a plan to get practical training in marketing for my second year of studies. I got an opportunity to be a marketing intern in IT company “Narwhal Data Solutions” based in Berlin. Narwhal Data Solutions is a Big Data and Business Intelligence consultancy. They build data infrastructure, either on-premise or in the cloud, and provide scalable data processing pipelines and customized Business Intelligence solutions.

 I was able to apply my knowledge I got in JAMK into my job. Summer 2020 was difficult for everyone due to COVID-19 restrictions. However, I spent my summer productively. By the end of summer I sent few CVs to European companies. I am happy that I was able to dive deeper not only to marketing, but also IT. Especially because I am on Technology Business Track and doing my thesis in that field. CEO was nice to me and tried to help with any problems arising. He also was loyal to my schedule when I had exams at university.  I met many people from different business fields and expand my network as well.

It was nice that more and more companies started outsourcing people for the job. I was able to do my work from anywhere.  

Skills I developed:

Adobe Photoshop, Canva, photo editing, SEO, social media content creation & planning, teamwork, organizational skills.  

Author: Dilyara Kenzhebayeva