IB Blog post about my Practical Training by Daniil Ryzhinskii

Before Practical Training at Exen eSports marketing world and mostly in such specific sector as eSports seemed for me quite complicated and blurred. However, I had an opportunity to experience myself as a Social Media Marketing Intern in professional team and gain quite useful experience.

This opportunity has activated my creativity and gave me an opportunity to develop and implement my ideas. I have received quite crucial and useful expertise in target marketing in social medias and now I can create a portrait of targeted audience.

One of my tasks were managing social medias and I thought that is quite easy task. However, I have been making posts sometimes in 3 social medias at one moment and it was a bit complicated due to the short time horizons for preparing posts. Team briefings and weekly meetings helped to systemize tasks and keep on track what is happening. Cheerful atmosphere within team was a motivating factor which always activated my creativity.

 I think that eSports sector can be named to some extent seasonal because sometimes there are no tournaments for several months and hence, no activity for eSports organizations (except training of team players, briefings, planning etc.). The main tool for social media manager in such field are the tournaments and participation of their team on them.  However, there can emerge a situation that there are 3 tournaments which are held during two weeks at the same time, and I had just small break before creating posts and content posting in social medias. Although there were some complicated situations where I could not find any solution due to lack of experience, I have received proper help and support how and what to do.

I am thankful a lot to Exen eSports, especially Patrik Falck and Tuomas Rauhansalo and Sara-Maria Koponen for their professional attitude to their work and for this opportunity to experience myself as a social media marketing where I have practiced targeted promotions, received an expertise in working in professional team, planning, time management, photo editing and filming.

Author: Daniil Ryzhinskii