Summer in the Russian estate by Alina Semeniachenko

This summer I worked on OOO”Gorizont” in Russia. I usually spent all my summertime working here since 16 years old. Usually, I worked as an administrator or waiter. But summer 2020 was like a new stage in my working experience. I start applying knowledge that I got in JAMK. This is a holiday camp located in the suburbs of Moscow. There are also a lot of ski resorts around it, as the terrain allows it. RANCHO (the place where I worked) has never been a place to go skiing. But the main competitive advantage was delicious and unique cuisine, relatively inexpensive prices for accommodation and unusual design designs and the creativity that the owner has put into the place and unusual designs and the creativity that the owner has put into the place. 

Summer 2020. It was the first summer of the COVID-19 and businesses in Russia had a particularly hard time because of the ever-imposed restrictions. RANCHO also suffered a fire. I came to my superiors with an offer and fresh knowledge. They were a bit old-school and a lot of what they believed in no longer worked as it did 5-10 years ago. 

Hard skills I got: SEO/SEM marketing, Facebook/Google/Yandex/VK targeting advertising, Adobe software skills, Google Docs, Microsoft office, Tilda, Canva.

Soft skills I got: Open-mindedness, teamwork, problem-solving, critical thinking, Analytical thinking, creativity, communication, leadership, flexibility, and time management.

But it is hard to understand whether these lists are ended or not, because so many skills people acquire unconsciously. Here I have written everything that I have seen in myself after having this experience.

Author: Alina Semeniachenko