Practical training in StarCruise by Iida Ahonen

I completed  my practical training in a company called StarCruise Oy. StarCruise provides, for example, light and heavy towing, taxi services, car repair services as well as accounting services. The company is located in Saarijärvi and they operate in Central Finland.  

I worked at the financial management side of the company for the spring of 2021. The company manages all of their own financial management as well as accounting for a few companies. I got lots of hands-on experience from a wide range of different work responsibilities including tasks like accounts receivable and payable, accounting, purchase and sales invoices.  

The workplace was very welcoming and relaxed,  my supervisor was very supportive and patient. I learned a lot in the three and a half months I worked there. The supervisor was always there to help and guide with the tasks. He gave me time to learn things on my own and thought by letting me do things on myself.   I enjoyed the practical training and am happy with all that it offered and thought me. I would recommend the place for every Finnish speaking person interested in accounting or financial management.

Author: Iida Ahonen