An Internship At a Bridal Store by Lilibeth Borges

I started my internship at a bridal store, Wedding Garage, in December of 2020. I chose this company as my internship place not only because I had prior experience being an intern at a clothing store, but also because this company matched one of my most important values: inclusivity for all sizes. The store owner told me very early on that the customization possibilities of garments are endless, and that the store provides plenty of accessible clothing options for people of all different shapes and sizes. 

During my time at Wedding Garage, my main focus was to conduct market research and improve the marketing plan for the company’s own designer wedding dress label: “VALKOINEN”. Together with my colleague, we gradually updated the marketing plan for VALKOINEN and used it as the blueprint for improving VALKOINEN. The marketing plan consisted of competitor analyses, budgets, marketing strategies, mission statements, target markets, and more things of that nature.

One of the most prominent projects my colleagues and I organized were photoshoots of VALKOINEN dresses. We organized these photoshoots to practice our project management skills and to showcase each dress in the collection on various social media platforms. The way we planned photoshoots was through scheduling, budgeting, contracting models and photographers, and choosing the premises for the photoshoots. We created our own photoshoot checklist to ensure we met even the smallest of tasks. Post-photoshoot, my colleagues and I edited and captioned photographs that would be used for social media posts, press, and such. 

Aside from these assignments, I also did several every-day tasks as well, such as, organizing some inventory, organizing documents, and opening delivered merchandise.

Author: Borges Cruz Lilibeth