PT in Russia’s largest bank and a leading global financial institution – PJSC SberBank by Irina Ermiychuk

Hi there! My name is Irina Ermiychuk, I am a 3rdyear student at JAMK, IB. My specialization is Finance and Corporate Governance. Through my network, I learned about the SberSeasons program at PJSC SberBank. This is an internship, which is provided to students by the largest bank in Russia – PJSC SberBank. In January 2021, the SberBank website launched the application process for the procurement department for students studying finance and economics. I filled out a questionnaire, passed the tests, and after a while HR invited me for an interview. Finally, I was accepted.

The department of the bank, in which I was given the opportunity to undergo an internship, is engaged in the procurement of marketing, consulting, legal and other services. On the first day of my practical training, I was introduced to my internship program and tasks for the period from June 1 to September 17, 2021, also, I was introduced to my colleagues.

Sberbank is a big, united collective of specialists. The team in which I was doing my practical training was very nice to me, my colleagues and supervisor were always ready to help and support me. There was an undoubted advantage to work in our team, we were all diverse and managed to learn something new from each other. I would like to note that the working conditions, in particular the office in which I was working, was equipped with all the necessary equipment, and was in the very center of Moscow, namely in Sberbank City skyscraper, located in Kutuzovsky prospect.

This internship helped me to develop such important soft skills for my future development as independence, initiative, the ability to work in a team, the ability to establish contacts, think strategically, persuade, and take responsibility for the decisions made.Every workday I was using my computer typing skills, touch typing skills, critical reading, the ability to work with a large amount of information, knowledge of English, and the use of highly specialized programs. Also, I work with operating systems such as Windows, macOS, IOS, and Android. My knowledge of accounting and financial management came in handy. Overall, I am very happy with my practical training experience. I would totally recommend SberBank Seasons program for students who are looking for a PT place and are ready to work hard for their dream.

Author: Irina Ermiychuk