Working in business development and marketing at Tridea Oy by Benjamin Leary

I started my internship at Tridea Oy some 5 months ago now originally just within
market research roles which then started to include the creation of marketing materials, a
marketing plan and the beginning of building sales pipelines and partner relationships.

Essentially, the company provides solutions to make it easy for small and medium sized
company managers to understand how well their website is performing and how their
customers experience it from the initial visit to after the purchase. They’re also able to keep
track of profits and any marketing campaigns they may have running in real time, all in the
same window. We make an effort to provide all of this while keeping the service simple and
easy to use.

Being in a start-up, I don’t really hold a specific job title, I’m getting involved with every
aspect of the product from marketing and sales strategies to the placement and contributing
to the development of the software itself. All of my decisions have been based on the data I
have gathered during my time here and it’s been a thrilling experience to get to put to use all
of the concepts that I learned about in my first 2 years at JAMK.

Author: Benjamin Leary