Customer Service Agent at Kielo Office Solutions Oy by Petchrada Virkilä

I completed my practical training at Kielo Office Solutions Ltd. Kielo is a real estate company founded in October 2017. The company operates in the real estate industry and leases full-service business premises to companies in the Jyväskylä central area. The business premises are located in Lutakko, Ylistönmäki and Mattilanniemi. What sets Kielo apart from the other real estate companies that leases business premises is the exceptionally wide range of services that are offered to our clients which some of are offered to external companies. Services such as conference facilities, sauna facilities, customer benefits, conference services, restaurant/catering services, offices services and wellness services.

As a Kielo customer service representative, my work tasks include customer service by phone, e-mail and in the lobby at the customer service point, reception of guests, guidance and counseling, access control and key management, arranging meeting services, catering and conference facilities, as well as general office tasks such as office supplies orders and postal services. Our customer service also provides assistance with companies moving in or relocating to another office, interior design, internet services and marketing. Each working day includes certain routines concerning e.g., incoming and outgoing packages and other letter mails, conference arrangements and e-mail processing. My job is to ensure that our clients can have an easy access to any services, they need in order to ease their daily working days at workplace.

I started my practical training with four years of experience in sales and customer service. At the center of my previous work was a strongly sales-oriented approach to customer service, which in itself set the challenge of taking a new perspective to customer service. In the beginning, I completed a two-week orientation period, during which I visited every Kielo property to learn about the companies, the systems and other daily tasks. I adapted to the team right from the start and gained their trust. Trust is extremely important in teamwork. Especially when working remotely with co-workers. I believe that my skills and my ability to work in a team have been valuable during this period. I have taken active role in our team, working with confidence and expressing my ideas and opinions. I truly appreciate interpersonal skills in other people as well as mine and I am happy to work with people who shares same values. In addition to our team, I try to build positive relationships when communicating with clients. With my friendly attitude, positive customer service and good communication skills, I successfully built relationships with our clients. Those relationships are truly the heart of this job.

This job really measures your ability to work under pressure, since sometimes you get million things to do in a short period of time. I believe I developed high ability to work under pressure in my previous job and I believe it is essential in any job. Even if I already had the ability to manage stressful situations, I have developed the skill to a new level. I manage my time effectively and I have the ability to priorities the most important tasks. Experiencing those situations almost everyday forces you to improve. One of the most important things in surviving under pressure situations is to be able to ask help if you can’t do it on your own.

Author: Petchrada Virkilä