From practical training to a permanent job by Nea Tiihonen

I did my Practical training for Paytrail Technology Oy in Spring of 2021. Paytrail Plc is a company specialized in online payments. Paytrail is part of Nets which was just bought by Nexi and they offer payment solutions. Paytrail Technology Oy is part of Paytrail and it’s a technology company that specializes in software design for finance and investment purposes. Paytrail acquired Checkout Finland Oy in early 2021 and now has majority of the market. Paytrail currently has over 70 employees and they have offices in Jyväskylä, Tampere and Helsinki. They have over 20 000 customers that include companies, organizations, associations and state treasury.

In Paytrail I was part of the customer service team which has almost 20 people. Me and two other trainees started at the same time. We started with training and because of lockdown nobody else was in the office as it was otherwise closed and then from Easter we had 7 weeks of remote work because the office was fully closed. The customer service team mostly answers to questions from merchants and sometimes our consumer customer service teams would forward us more difficult questions from consumers. Also, the customer service team handles basic invoicing, onboarding new merchants and collaborates with Compliance team on risk management.

One of the tasks of the most common task was checking payments and sending emails about them to merchants and consumers. We also handled changes to merchant profiles, like changes of invoice information, bank account information and contact person information. We also did some returns for merchants and our weekly tasks included invoicing those returns. Challenges faced at work were mostly about being new and not knowing everything. Also, so much is based on software and coding and I have no background with it and had to ask help for everything related to that. Luckily the Technical support team and Technical department were happy to help.

I have used knowledge I gained from school at work most weeks since the customers are companies and Paytrail is very open about how its run so numbers, strategy, HR and managements topics were discussed weekly. Paytrail has great atmosphere and benefits. Amazing work health care, support for flexible work time, support services if needed, internal and externals trainings, and ePassi that has lunch benefits and certain amount of money to use for sports, culture and wellness.

After my practical training, I stayed at Paytrail for summer job and I was offered a new contract until end of the year. During that time, I was taught onboarding new merchants and more about risk management. In September, 2 new trainees started and I helped with training them. In October, New Paytrail was launched and it’s been all about the new system and transfer to using only that.

You should apply to Paytrail if you are interested in online payments, eCommerce and quickly changing and always developing technologies. Paytrail is a great company that treats its employees very well and it didn’t win Best work place in Finland medium size companies for no reason. I’ve been nothing but happy with my choice and I believe you will be too.

Author: Nea Tiihonen