Practical training at a retail bank by Julius Veikkola

I started this internship in mid-August with little to none experience or knowledge of how banks really operate. During the first few days of the onboarding, we received our equipment, setup our computers and got to know more about the company (OP Group and the retail bank Opset/Tribedo Oy) operations as a whole.

After this began a six-week training program, which taught us everything we needed to know about the final process of mortgage financing that comes from the regional banks across the country. The training program was partially remote and slowly progressed towards our assigned jobs of final checkups for mortgage financing applications. During the four months, we were also assigned to other tasks such as going through projects under construction and register share certificates of completed housing limited companies.

All in all, I would say that the practical training was a success as I also received a job offer that I now have signed. Personally, I can recommend this practical training position to anyone, who is interested in banking operations or mortgage financing. The possibilities of landing a position after the training period is very high as the internal recruitment is very active inside OP. Unfortunately, fluent Finnish is probably required in this position.

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Author: Julius Veikkola