Selling half a million house at practical training by Eero Vaija

I did my practical training at Jyväskylän Kotijoukkue Real Estate company as a sales negotiator. The company is located operates in Jyväskylä city centrum and operate all over the Jyväskylä. We currently have 5 brokers and 2 rental agent – which I´m still after the practical training.

As a sales negotiator I did have a lot of responsibility because I kind a was my own boss. Of course at the start I had couple week training inside the company and I got help anytime I needed from my co-workers. Being you own boss was the thing what I really loved, but also it was the hardest one. Nobody didn’t tell you when I need to meet the customers, when I need to be at the office, when I want to keep day of etc. It was all by myself, how much I wanted to work and when I wanted to work, but when you don’t have any base salary, I can say that you will take the call whenever the customer call you, especially at the start.

“Normal day” was when I woke up I check the emails, calls etc. at home before going to office. At the office I was around 4-5 hours/day and during that I tried to prepare myself for the customer meetings, putting my listings to internet etc. After I got out from the office I went to show apartment or see the house owners who are going to give their houses to someone to sale – this was the hardest part because there were 4-5 real estate agent visiting, and I needed to convince them why to choose my over them. When I got home, it was still some emails to work on. I

This definitely doesn’t fit for all the guys, especially who want to have working hours and secured income. But if you are willing to do the work, there is no limit how much you can make money. Currently because the studies go on I moved to rental agent, which doesn’t take that much time, but you can still kind a do the same job.

Author: Eero Vaija