Intern in Monetra Oy by Anna Karhu

Hi everyone! My name is Anna Karhu and I’m a third year IB student. I did my practical training in Monetra Pirkanmaa. Monetra is municipally owned company, established by the cities of Oulu, Tampere, Kuopio and Jyväskylä. The company provides services such as financial management, HR services, administrative services, recruitment and many others. 

As I mentioned earlier, I did my internship in their Tampere office and I was a part of the payroll department working for PSHP (Pirkanmaan hospital district).  Payroll department contains wide range of tasks like creating hourly contracts, taxing, taking care of sick leaves, distraint billing, calculating and checking the wages, and many other things.  

As an intern, my days mostly included creating the employment contracts and filling the information to our systems. I also took care of the workers taxing information and their sick leaves, and compensations related to these. Twice a month, before the payday, we checked the outgoing payments to make sure that all the employees were getting correct salary and compensations.  

My internship in Monetra was pleasant. I was lucky to be part of department with good atmosphere and had the ability to learn a lot related to accounting, collective labor agreement and legal registrations. After the internship I got a permanent job in the company, working as an payroll secretary.  

Author: Anna Karhu