PT story by Ivan Cherviakov

Hello everyone! My name is Ivan Cherviakov, I am a second-year IB student. I did an internship at Ferry Broker.

Ferry Broker is a transport company based in St. Petersburg, Russia. The company provides such services as customs clearance of cargo, preparation of documents, pick up of cargo from delivery point and delivery of cargo to any place in the world using all types of logistics (sea lines, trains, trucks, planes etc.).

I worked in sales of transport services and attracting new clients in St. Petersburg office. My range of tasks included working and communicating with clients, representatives of big companies, famous sea lines and cargo lines all over the world.

As I worked in such a specific position, it is worth explaining that my task within the company was to buy a service from road carriers, ferry lines as cheaply as possible and to offer and sell this service to my clients with maximum profit for the company, based on their existing requests to deliver their goods from point A to point B.

I placed on ferry lines bouquets for clients of ferry broker for containers, also I carried out this continuous tracking on shipment of goods, delivery of the given goods in port, an exit of the given goods on a vessel on which the bouquet on the container was placed, after an exit of the goods and cargoes in the container on a vessel, I tracked and controlled the location of the vessel with the containers, the dates of its arrival at the transit port and the final port of discharge and informed customers about the arrival of their cargo and goods at the port of final discharge, organized transshipment in Europe, the feeder’s vessel, if necessary.

Once the vessel arrived in the Russian port, I organized the receipt of the consignment note and other documents at the port, forwarded the cargo to the port, and prepared documents for the lodgement of the cargo customs declaration. 

I organized customs clearance in Russia and further export of the cargo to the final buyer from the port by road and rail, and transshipment from the container to the warehouse, so that the container could be returned to the sea line as quickly as possible to avoid downtime and additional costs. Also, I have found some additional warehouses in Europe for transshipment and consolidation of cargo.

My internship at Ferry Broker has been enjoyable and very rewarding for me. I was lucky to work in a department with a good atmosphere and to have the opportunity to learn logistics from start to finish, I was involved in all processes of shipments, customs clearance and sales. After the internship my knowledge and skills definitely increased, I found out more details and subtleties about logistics, and my CV was supplemented by another great company and intricate experience.

Author: Ivan Cherviakov