Internship in marketing and sales assistant role

One of the final tasks for my graduation from International Business programme appeared to be practical training. I wanted to explore marketing and sales field more and found an excellent opportunity in Lithuania, offered by Klaipėdos Skuba. The offered position suited my personal learning goals perfectly, so I immediately applied and, fortunately, got accepted.

During my internship period, I have performed various tasks, but mostly, assisting the senior staff in daily tasks, basically, with anything that was needed. Besides that, my main focus area was customer support. I was searching for new customers, trying to solve customer-related issues, answering and directing calls, replying to the e-mails etc. Another task, which was personally my favourite, was participating in the meetings. They covered such topics as, for example, situation in the industry, issues related to customers and competitors, ways for improvement. I can say that the atmosphere was good, I felt heard and respected by my colleagues.

I am grateful for the opportunity to explore marketing and sales field more.

Author: Burzdziute Karolina