Internship at a Japanese company based in Vietnam – FreeC Asia

Hello everyone, my name is Ho Ky Anh, a third year bachelor student majoring in International Business at JAMK. I did my 5 months internship at a Japanese company based in Vietnam – FreeC Asia.

I did an internship from 1st January, 2022 to 31st May, 2022. FreeC Asia gave me the opportunity to work under my responsibility in 3 departments: human resource management, recruitment support and marketing department support. The company gave me a first time working for a large company and helped me to increase my ability to discover my hidden potential. At first, I faced difficulties because I was not familiar with the work, the brothers and sisters in the company helped me get acquainted and brought me sympathy and warmth like family. Through that, I received experiences and got my own future plans and goals to promote my development.

My work experience: as I mentioned above, I work in 3 different departments, this gives me a diverse experience in every department, helping me to understand the structure mostly working for a company, later on it will be easier for me to adapt to the companies that I will work for in the future. During this time, my main job is to support the review of recruitment documents to select outstanding and outstanding individuals to advance to the next round of interviews for the company; setting up marketing projects with the marketing department; together with the team to manage and design UI/UX for the company’s website; and support other office work. Through 5 months of training, I have discovered new abilities of myself, I like to draw more, learn and read more books, soft and hard skills in computer, thinking, acting has improved as well, in addition, communication when working as a team in a dynamic environment has helped me to express emotions that I have never had before. I gained a solid foundation by the end of this internship.

After the training process, I received an invitation to stay and work for the company, in the future they will also give me the opportunity to become a full-time employee. Currently I will continue my studies in Finland, my academic goal is to graduate with a master’s degree in International Business. If I accomplish these goals, in the future I plan to return to Vietnam and FreeC Asia will be the first place I consider.