Experience as manager in Italian hotel

My name is Nika and I’m doing my 3rd year as IB Bachelor student. The place I choose for my practice should be a clear example of how to apply the knowledge from lectures at the university. I had an internship in a small Italian hotel and worked during the high occupation summer season, which showed the difficulty of the profession and skills all workers have to do that job perfectly. I was lucky to be in the role of assistant of general manager. Besides training to manage the operation of the hotel and the beach area, I was entrusted with making my new system of technology for their business to improve the efficiency of the staff. I also learned Italian at an initial conversational level, which was facilitated by the environment I was engaged. It means to me that I got a lot of luck living through this experience.

In conclusion, I would say that working in small companies clearly shows the both structure of business in general and how does small company works, as well as the knowledge of how to solve problems with a more personal attitude among the staff.

Author: Nika Mylko