Internship at NASIN TRAVEL CO, LTD

Hi everyone. I’m Phuong, I’m a third year IB student at JAMK. I did internship at NASIN TRAVEL CO, LTD.

From June to July 2022, I did practical training at NASIN TRAVEL CO, LTD, second time I worked at NASIN TRAVEL CO,LTD, which was a remarkable experience for me since it was rich in experience sharing and helped me uncover my potential. I’ve had so many amazing experiences and opportunities that I feel will shape and affect my professional life for the rest of my life while also promoting personal growth and development.

 The executive summary gives an overview of my three months internship which includes the activities, meetings, and experiences. Below is a summary of my experience.

During the internship time at NASIN TRAVEL TRADING CO, LTD, I worked in Accounting Department. My main task is focusing on the accounting process, especially account receivables. During the internship period, I am responsible for following up and clearing account receivables, inputting supplier invoices into the accounting system, filling out accounting documents, and making others assigned by the supervisor.

Reflecting on my experience at NARSIN, the internship program has made immeasurable impacts on my aptitude in varied fields such as accounting technique, teamwork, analytical writing, and communication. The internship has broadened my knowledge base, which was made possible by assisting in the accounting process as well as other activities of the company. Compared to the first time I had worked at NASIN, the second time is better, I have more knowledge, skills, and technique. After my practical trainning, I have an offer at full-time employee. I will become an employee on August.