Practical training at Nordnet

Working in a banks marketing team 

One of the biggest parts of the education is the practical training to graduate from International Business programme. My dream was to work in this bank before I was even studying business. I wanted to do the practical training in a company of my interests and the field I am studying was very important for me. I am very interested in marketing and finance and my track is finance. I applied to Nordnet and got an interview, and got the job as a trainee in the marketing team. I was so excited to start and everything went so well. I have learned so much during the practical trainee, I got to work mostly with social media and translations. The translations were mostly from Finnish to Swedish. On social media I worked with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and a lot on TikToks. I also helped my colleagues with other tasks. All my colleagues were really fun to work with and everything went so smoothly. It has been the best work experience. I am so grateful for the opportunity I got and I learned so much during the three months. 

Author: Olivia Paasi