Practical Training at Trustmary

Working in sales related to technology

I completed my 2 months of practical training in Trustmary. I had heard about them seeking for trainee´s through my classmates and saw the job announcement in the WhatsApp group of International Business.

I decided to immediately send my application as I had only heard good things about them and I was really interested in having my practical training there. I had no expectations on the field or the company when I got selected but I was very excited as it became apparent that they also chose one of my really good friends to have the practical training there also.

I was very nervous to start the job but on the first day I felt very welcome as we had breakfast together with the whole office in Jyväskylä. I enjoyed how the company celebrates small things like that.

As for the job, my responsibility was to book firms on meetings to talk about how the software built by Trustmary could help firms to become bigger with the words of their satisfied customers. I had a rough beginning as I was very sick in the very beginning which made it harder for me to learn. But I pushed through, and I had many successful moments throughout my practical training.

The best thing about my practical training was the people in the office. Everyone was willing to help you at any given moment. It is important in that kind of a job because you really must get a firm to be interested in how we can give them value in minutes of only words.

I can recommend this practical training for people who want to learn about sales, especially related to technology. You also have to be okay with the pressure coming from the job. I found it hard at the beginning, but I learnt my way out of taking the pressure too personally.

Author: Sara Ylinen

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