Practical training at Xamk.

I completed my practical training at South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences, Xamk during the summer 2022. I was working in the International Services unit on Xamk’s campus in Mikkeli for 3,5 months. I found this job from and noticed they were looking for a summer employee/trainee for the summer, and as I needed to complete the practical training for my degree programme, I decided to apply. I was excited to work in an international setting and use English in my tasks, as some of my colleagues were from different countries around the world and obviously the international students I communicated with came from very different backgrounds as well.

One of my main responsibilities was to create visual content in the form of videos, flyers, factsheets, and presentations. I also helped the rest of the International Services team in handling and storing reports and agreements as well as in updating their Intranet. I worked in close collaboration with a few of the International Services advisors, some students, and partner institutions around the world. A part of my job was also to participate in the orientation for incoming exchange students, which was particularly interesting for me.

I believe the experience I gained from working in an international organization like Xamk is extremely valuable for my future. I got to work with many friendly professionals in a modern and comfortable working environment, and I really appreciated the fact that help was always available. I have learned so many new hard skills and soft skills during the past 3,5 months, and I know they will come in handy in my future jobs as well. Finally, I want to say that I am extremely thankful for the opportunity to work in such an interesting and educative environment.

Author: Tuulia Terho
3rd year IB student