Reshaping the future in aggregates business at Metso Outotec

After working many years in a totally different industry, I was eager for a change and decided to apply to a frontrunner company in a sustainable technologies, Metso Outotec and was happy to receive a full-time position in August 2021. I’ve always shared a huge interest in an international working environment and B2B business, and I was more than a happy ending up working in a company with whom I share the values with and which offers me basically limitless options for self-development and other career opportunities.

As a large company, we operate worldwide with the headquarters in Helsinki. Last December we celebrated 100 years of manufacturing the crushers in Tampere, where my office as well is located, right next to our crusher production.  Crushed aggregates are needed for numerous infrastructure or construction purposes such as building rails and roads, producing concrete or recycling used construction materials. 

Each day in my work is different as it is affected by various different factors such as global logistics, component and raw material availabilities, economical changes and of course what happens at the end-customer sites – for which I enjoy it so much! I currently look after about 10 distributors worldwide, mainly in EMEA and APAC regions in aftermarket side, which means that we provide spare and wear parts for the large equipment. It’s awesome having your own customers, connecting with very different cultures, people and learning different ways of working. I haven’t only learnt about aggregate equipment but also strengthening my intercultural communication skills each every day. 

It’s also a great benefit of having colleagues even on the other side of the world yet still you can create very genuine and important connections. At the end of the day, it’s all about the team work as we work towards the same goal. Some days I get up at 7 in the morning in order to reach out to Australians, and other days I might stay later afternoon to get in touch with the Americans. All in all – it is a great place to work.

Author: Ida Östring