Practical Training at Dagiaco sustainable health company

It is surprisingly difficult to find an engaging internship in Vietnam because at this time I was in Finland, but many companies in Vietnam prefer to interview directly. After trying to get an internship slot , I was offered to join the Dagiaco company in Vietnam and work as a marketing trainee.

Let me share with you about Dagiaco and my wonderful experiences and memories to work as a team with them. Dagiaco ., Ltd is a company that is involved in the production of cajeput essential oil, and their mission is to bring high-quality products to the community in order to fulfill the requirements of health care and safety, which is a field that I was really interesting, sustainable health and beauty.

My major is marketing, and I have already spent four months working there to gain practical marketing experience. To be honest, like many other marketing trainees, I can only generalize about marketing as doing certain things to launch my products to more customers, how they think about the products they want to buy, and how they can immediately think of our products, but I did not know exactly how I did it.

As a member of the Dagiaco team, I was exposed to a wide range of industry realities. I am in charge of business content marketing. My responsibility is to create, manage, and distribute valuable content to our target customers via media channels related to the field of our business. In addition, I gained extensive knowledge of the essential oil industry, and every month I create a content plan based on the company’s marketing campaigns. Moreover, I develop and produce content for articles and videos on platforms such as Facebook, Google, YouTube, and Tiktok. My most memorable experience was communicating and working with KOLs and Bloggers, who influenced my belief that I must constantly learn and reinvent myself. From my limited perspective, they are very admirable people who are excellent in their field and have a high level of expertise, but they are always striving to learn something new.

On the other hand, the Dagiaco team contains many individuals who are eager to learn for themselves and others. Managers provide employees with books and frequently provide links to interesting areas for them to explore.

I consider myself extremely fortunate to work in such a pleasant and cohesive environment as Dagiaco. At Dagiaco, I discovered that I have significantly improved my skills; the more I learn about marketing, the more I enjoy it. I hope to become as great as the people I met in Dagiaco one day.

Author: Tran Hoa