Practical training at Rinta-Joupin Autoliike Oy by Linda Vekka

Quick explanation from my background, -I come from family full of entrepreneurs and my job experience is based on entrepreneurship. Before this job at Rinta-Joupin Autoliike Oy I had worked one summer as a cashier. Basically, this was my first experience working nine to five.

Rinta-Joupin Autoliike Oy is car sale company in Finland. They have several shops all around Finland. I was hired to Jyväskylä’s branch as car sale assistant. My tasks kept inside photographing cars on sale, dealing with running tasks like taking cars to inspection, service or filling up the tanks. On quiet times I organized tire stocks.

I need to admit that I was really nervous starting in the position since I had no experience working for someone else certain number of hours in a day. It was worth of no stress. Straight from the beginning I felt very welcome and included to the crew. Atmosphere was relaxed and of course it was nice benefit to work with new, fancy cars.

Based on my experience I understand why the employees have enjoyed their time there for so long. My days started at 10 o’clock so I had the morning to spend with my dog or to sleep a little longer. Colleagues were friendly and I enjoyed working with them. Company offered us lunch (which is the way to buy students heart). The day ended at six when we closed the business. Usually, people stayed a little longer chatting. I need to give positive feedback for the management also. Every week we had morning meeting where we went through latest news so everyone was on track.

I would recommend this as starting point for your career. Nice atmosphere, well structured. I think I got the perfect picture about generic working life during my time there. It is important to have experience from different angles.

Author: Linda Vekka