Practical Training at White Elephant Racing TeamWhite Elephant Racing Team by Linda Vekka

After six years of racing, we took different directions with my teammate for season 2022. He made comeback in Finland taking part to Finnish Championship on V1600-class while I went back to Denmark to compete in Citroen DS3 -cup.

I was doing social media for a rally driver on Ouninpohja Rally in the beginning of June. After that my teammate proposed me to come to their next race to handle social media.

My dream is to be the person helping young athletes to achieve their dreams. Modern day athlete needs to build a brand to collect the budget. This is also the reason why I study sport business. I saw my teammate’s offer as a chance to develop my professional skills.

He handed me the rights to update team’s Instagram account (@we_racingteam) during race weekends. The schedule is usually tight so there is not much time for the athlete to update social media. Most important was to make timetables and links easy to find for their followers. Between heats I filmed content and comments to share and for later to use in their vlog’s. Part of my tasks was to create video blogs from their weekends for their partners.

Against expectations motorsport is a team sport. It has been great to work in other tasks and be part of the team. We have been able to add traffic on their social media accounts during race weekends and received positive feedback from their partners.

Finnish Championship season is five race weekends. V1600-class has over 20 participants and White Elephant Racing Team is 10th in the standings before final race. Not far away from drivers in front. Wish them luck!

Author: Linda Vekka