Practical training for JYP Jyväskylä Oy by Markus Peltola

I have been very interested about ice-hockey all my life so far and while I was younger my dream was to play ice-hockey at the top level here in Finland. My favorite team was JYP and we visited games with my dad when I was little boy. I played 16 years ice-hockey, and I could not never make my dream come through. When it was possible to apply for the practical training for JYP, I contacted Taneli Maasalo and suddenly I was part of top-level sport organization here in Finland. Kind of my dream came half through at that point.

While I was watching games as a little boy with my dad, I was wondering already at that point, how this thing is working? How those logos are done to the ice and how game jerseys are made. Now I know almost everything that are connected to the game events and who is responsible about the fan sales and who is cooking the food for the VIP customers.

JYP is very interesting place to work because days are different every day. You need to create new ideas almost every day and work hard to communicate with different groups of people.

If you are interested in about sport business, especially about ice-hockey, I recommend doing your practical training for JYP. There is a lot of different tasks to do, and it is possibilities to learn a lot about how to communicate with different people and be part of the top-level sport organization in Finland. People inside the organization are really nice and they took me really well to be part of their group. I took part to the different meetings, and they asked also my ideas and trusted some own tasks for me. For example, I had quite big role to create student season ticket together with my supervisor Taneli Maasalo. I was planning some nice package with season ticket and different discounts with JYP’s partners. I was also having stands at the campus areas and sold those tickets there and contacted student unions and made some contracts with the together with Taneli.

Now I know how those logos are going under the ice and how games jerseys are made, ticket sales are running and how VIP services are made. It was interesting and I hope at some point in the future I could be part of the organization at some role.

Author: Markus Peltola