Firsts steps into marketing, Practical training at Ozonium  

So, a little bit of background information, my name is Anna and in my third year of studies as an international business student, I was able to snatch myself a summer internship at a company named Ozonium as a marketing intern. Ozonium is a startup company located in Tampere that mainly focuses on selling ozone generators to their target customers. During this internship I lived in Jyväskylä, but commuted to Tampere via train around one to two times a week. This was possibly due to my work being done mostly online.

An average morning as a marketing intern mostly started the same, whether it was working at home on my computer or at the office. My mornings would always start with a meeting with my boss, myself and the other marketing interns. During these meetings we would discuss what we were able to do on the previous day and what was are plans for that day. On Friday mornings we would also add a run through of our social media statistics to see what content was thriving and what wasn’t.

After the morning meeting we would be focusing on completing the task we were given for that day. These tasks could vary from translating and designing brochures, creating content for social media, editing videos & images, inputting data on excel sheets, brand design, creating campaigns and presenting our ideas to our bosses. When it came to deadlines, we mostly had them for campaigns, content posting and presentations. Otherwise, we were allowed as much time as we needed for the side projects. Most of the time when it came to creating content either our boss would give us a concept, he wanted us to visualize, or sometimes we had complete creative control, as long as our boss would give us the green light to it.

When it comes to choosing between working at home or working at the office, I would have loved to work at the office more. This was due to the office being in a building that hosted a lot of other startup companies. The culture around the office was relaxed and extremely friendly. If us interns were having trouble with any tasks most of the other startup companies would come and help or suggest something to make our process easier. Also, as someone who has worked in the fast-paced restaurant industry I was happily shocked that I didn’t have to time my lunch or coffee breaks and technically even take go take a nap during office hours, of course as long as all of my tasks done at the end of the day.

Looking back on the experience I am very glad I was able to have my first internship at Ozonium. I had kind mentors who would listen to me and value my options, Co-workers that not only were professional, but also very kind and fun, and lastly work that was interesting and challenging. Now that the internship has ended, I finally have some experience to write down on my CV and connections inside the industry. If you ever have a chance to do your internship, I highly recommend Ozonium.

Author: Anna Massa