Marketing internship at Jamk

Hello, everyone. I would love to share my experience about my recent practical training done in 2021 in Jamk. During my second year of university, I was looking for internship possibilities beforehand. By that time, I was interested in marketing area and needed to gain new experience. I started my summer internship search from fall. During fall me and my friend decided to meet with Jamk marketing services representative and tell her about our ideas how to improve university’s marketing strategy. And this is the key how to get land a job for international student. I learnt that I should be more open, take first steps to meet with people. I am grateful that I decided to meet with my future supervisor in fall because after that I emailed to her again in spring and got my internship.

Idea of this job appeared spontaneously for my supervisor because it was short project they recently started working on. I was assigned as marketing analyst trainee and worked on website development. My duties included interview acquisition with international students from all programs, qualitative data analysis and user portfolio creations. I was happy to join Jamk marketing team because I felt that this project is perfect for me. Being able to upgrade our website to a better level made me feel like I did something very important. Main difficulty I faced during the job was interview set ups. It was summertime, where most of the Jamk staff and students would go to summer vacation and it was challenging to find potential interviewees. However, within first week I was able to book 10 meetings with our interviewees. I listened to our students’ opinions about website and needed to provide possible opportunities for its development. I was glad to work with my supervisor Heidi. She is the best manager I could ever dreamed of. I liked that she as a manager would give me freedom to decide. I highly valued her trust in me, and I think I did not disappoint her. Working as well as studying in Jamk is a great gift because you have a right to choose. Jamk showed flexibility upon me when it came to paperwork questions in summer. I also appreciate that from HR department. I felt welcomed during my practical traineeship.

I worked full time and put my whole effort in this job. As a result, I created several presentations and presented it to marketing services team. This experience has shown me that if you want to find a job you need to put an effort in it. Little tip for readers, do not limit yourself only to job hunting websites, but also work on your personal profile. Do not be afraid to ask first, to write first, expand your network. Do not be scared to write or call to HR if his contacts are mentioned in job post, try to provide little presentations of how your ideas can help company and etc. Just be brave and go talk to people!

This traineeship helped me a lot in my thesis writing as well. I learnt how to gather interviews in a mean time and how to analyze qualitative data.

Author: Dilyara Kenzhebayeva