My first experience of a SaaS company, practical training at Trustmary

Last spring 2022 I decided to do my internship. I was looking for a company on the field of B2B sales, marketing and technology, since these were my main interests in the field of business. It would be a plus if the company was located in the city of Jyväskylä. I had gone through a couple of interviews before I stumbled upon an ad about doing your practical training at Trustmary. The company name sounded familiar, and then I remembered that one of my classmates did their internship there and they seemed to really enjoy working there. So, I decided to give it a go and apply. I got to the interview and soon after that found out that I was going to be B2B sales intern for 3 months at Trustmary.

I started my internship in the beginning of April, new to the field and B2B sales. I had lots of prior experience in B2C sales, but selling to businesses was a completely new challenge for me. I still felt confident that I would learn how to play the field by hard work combined with trial and error. Our supervisors at Trustmary made sure that we got a thorough induction to the job: what are our goals and most importantly, how to reach them.

Our days consisted of finding companies that fit into our ICP (ideal customer profile) and contacted them, trying to convince them to meet with us remotely to discuss how Trustmary could help them to increase their sales online. After the first few weeks I started to gain confidence in my sales pitches and started to see results. The main reason for my growth as a seller, was my own belief in the Trustmary product. The basic idea of our product was to use the basics of social proof: gather as much as good experiences of happy customers as possible to a client´s website by using the Trustmary software. The software made the process effortless for the customer, and it improved their conversion online. By investing in us, they were investing in themselves.

At Trustmary I learned a lot about not only B2B sales, but also how to ask for help. That may sound simple, but I am used to pushing through challenges on my own. In this company, I was not afraid to try different techniques or ask for help, because I was encouraged to do so. There were weekly team checkups on our progress, one-on-one conversations with our superiors and even the CEO made time for each of us to have a meeting and discuss on how´s it going. The structure of the company was quite flat, meaning that there was no strong hierarchical structure, making everyone approachable. I felt like the work environment was also quite progressive and relaxed, and the company put effort into our physical and mental health, making us feel like we were cared for. The days flew by when spending it with my amazing co-workers and I made new friends that I am in contact to this day. I really enjoyed my internship at Trustmary, especially the work environment. If you are interested in SaaS sales and want to work in a company that encourages to personal and professional growth, I can recommend Trustmary as a workplace.

Author: Senni Oinonen