My Practical Training at Monetra Pirkanmaa

So, it was sunny day of February in Rennes France, and I was searching practical training spots and I had applied for few other jobs when Monetra send me an e-mail concerning about my application and asked me for an interview. The first interview went well and in short period of time they called me again for a second round of interview. That went well and after the interview they offered me a spot in accounts payable team and as the header says, I said yes.

So, after great exchange in France, I returned to Finland (first I had to celebrate vappu, but that is another story to tell), It was beginning of May, and I started my job. Monetra is offering human resource- and financial management services mostly to public companies. My job was at accounts payable team, and I was able to work from home, which was nice. The job at the accounts payable team was pretty simple, not too complex, but it required a great deal of concentration, since, you know, people are pretty precise about their money. Sometimes I got some phone calls but mostly my job was invoicing and support the others on the team. It was pretty fun!

Everyone there was super supportive for me and even I made some mistakes they really supported me! and I guess I was not super bad since they asked me if I could continue with them at the fall, which I did. In a nutshell, it was great experience, and I gained a lot of valuable experience. See you guys at the Escape, your truly Robbie G!

Author: Robert Linden