Practical Training at Admicom Oy

I started looking for a job in January 2022 and I found out that Admicom is offering a position is sales. I have not been working with sales before, but always have been very interested. I sent an application and after couple of days I got a call back and they wanted to interview me which went great, and they hired me as Sales Assistant.

My main job was cold calling to get customers interest in our products. I had meetings with potential customers where I showcased what Admicom has to offer, and things went forward after getting to know the customers and their needs in construction sector. My role also consists of representation on fairs, creating content, creating sales projects and helping other Sales managers with their jobs.

Admicom is a system developer and comprehensive software and accounting agency partner for construction, building technology and industry, founded in 2004. The company’s services help small and medium-sized companies to improve their competitiveness by automating worksite and office routines up to accounting.

Admicom as a company with their leading products for construction sector and the people working there were great. I have always been interested with the company since they had initial public offering in 2018, I am profoundly happy that I got to work with Admicom and probably going to continue my journey with them after my exchange in Austria spring 2023.

Author: Kasperi Saarikoski