Customer collaboration Coordinator at Danone

Hello out there! My name is Atefa, and for the past 1 year I have been working as a Customer Collaboration Coordinator at Danone. I am a part of the customer collaboration team in Danone Norbal (Nordic and Baltic), and in a bigger picture we belong to the Supply Chain department, in daily life called D2D (design 2 deliver) in our company.

My daily responsibilities are the order to invoice handling, which means receiving orders from customers, check stock availability with supply planners, and allocate the stock to the orders we receive, and thereafter send the orders to our 3PL (logistic partners). Moreover, I also handle invoice inquiries, claims, and other customer service-related topics. I sit with the b2b customers, so it´s mostly bigger retailers in the Nordic countries. So, working in customer collaboration it is very essential to build strong relationship with the customers, to maintain this relationship I arrange monthly/quarterly meeting to follow up on our customers, and find new areas where we can improve. I also keep track on our KPI´s – to see how well we are doing towards our customers.

I really like to work at Danone. It´s a big international corporation, which means I get to meet customers and colleagues from all over the world, which creates a nice international environment that I really enjoy being a part of.

I have grown my professional skills and personal skills in the last one year working for the company. I have developed a lot of new skills and got to use my knowledge from my studies in my daily work life at the company.

Below you see a picture of the whole Norbal team gathered in Riga to celebrate:

I hope you enjoyed my blog post about my working life at Danone.

Kind regards,

Author: Atefa Nekzad