Good Things are Worth the Wait – Practical Training as a Marketing and Communications Assistant

I felt extremely lucky finding a job as a Marketing and Communications Assistant for Nordic Business Forum. My mother was scrolling her LinkedIn and came across a post for the position, and immediately suggested it to me. I was more than eager to apply and submitted my application in May 2021.

After two interviews, I was beyond happy to find out that I was selected for the position. Then, the second wave of Covid hit and the job contract was cancelled. I didn’t stress about it too much, however. I prepared for my exchange in the spring of 2022 and continued with my studies. I was already in South Korea when my supervisor contacted me and asked if I was still interested in the position for autumn 2022. Of course, I said yes, and right after returning to Finland I started my practical training.

The onboarding was organized extremely well by my lovely supervisor, and the team was warm and welcoming. I was able to start concentrating on my daily tasks very early on and began preparing for Nordic Business Forum 2022. It didn’t take long for things to get hectic in preparation for the event, but I enjoyed the buzz. I always had something to do and learned things at a very rapid pace. We also had a few trips and company dinners, which helped getting to know everyone and I became part of the team easily.

My daily tasks included social media monitoring, content production, and preparing communications and materials for the event. I wrote a lot of content, produced visual materials, and soon became the designated proof-reader in the company. I enjoyed all my daily tasks and was able to use the knowledge I had gained on marketing during my studies at Jamk. I was faced with new challenges almost every day, and during the busiest event times, my time and stress management skills were put to the test. Despite the hassle, I enjoyed the experience thoroughly. Nothing beats the feeling of being at the event you worked hard for, seeing the attendees happy, witnessing the visual production, and taking in the whole experience.

I was very picky when applying for practical training positions. I wanted to work in a field that interests me, in a job that meets my skillset and learning goals. This made finding a position a bit trickier, but it rewarded in the end. I am now graduating a few months later than I originally planned partly because of the delay in practical training. However, I am also a Marketing and Communications Coordinator at Nordic Business Forum, working for a company I believe in, and doing something I enjoy. Even if it takes longer, finding something that fulfills you and takes you forward in your career is more than worth it.

Author: Olivia Ojala