Practical Training as a Customer Service Representative in export at SKF

I did my practical training in a manufacturing company in Muurame called SKF in summer 2022. They are a large multimillion company operating in over 130 countries offering bearing and lubrication solutions to other enterprises and private consumers. The company is nice and well organized, and they are taking great responsibility in coming more and more sustainable by the day. 

I worked on the export side with a small team in customer service, where our main tasks were order and communication handling, invoicing, shipping and order scheduling. Our working language was English, and I communicated daily with customer around the world for example China, USA and Argentina. The work is fairly independent, which brings greater responsibility, but freedom regarding working hours and prioritization. 

I got the job through an employment agency and was interviewed by the HR manager of SKF before getting the job. After the summer I continued on the job as a part-time employee and am still employed until my exchange beginning in fall 2023. 

The company is also looking for summer employees and a fourth member to our team in customer service 😉

Author: Julia Parkkinen