Practical Training as a High Position Manager of an Esports Organization – Exen Esports Oy

In the beginning of 2021, I began looking for a company in the entertainment business to complete my practical training in. I was looking for either a music business company or a sports business focused organization. I saw one notice about an open GM-internship space at a fresh esports organization. I was very interested in the idea, but I found the work description very broad in responsibility and the position of a ‘’General Manager’’ straight away seemed quite intimidating to me as a student. So, I let it slide and deemed that it is not for me.

Only after half a year of not very fruitful search that I confidently pushed through, a notice popped-up on the Practical Training opportunities Moodle tab described the same space and position of the same organization. Now with a fresh look on things and supportive encouragement from my friends and senior lecturer, I applied for the intimidating GM-position. After a weeklong wait Exen Esports contacted me with an invitation for an interview. It went smoothly as we sat and talked with the board for 45 minutes. About work, expectations, ideas, availability, and my own competence for a job like this. In a couple days’ time I was invited to their offices to begin working as a General Manager of this growing organization.

The work consisted of Athlete/Team Management, Contract Management, Event Management and Marketing Management. I was working mostly remotely being directly in contact with the CEO of the organization and various professionals we would like to settle an agreement with. At times the work in a high position like this, was very demanding but then at other times I had a lot of down time on my hands. That is the mundane life of an entertainment manager as during projects, events, and agreement discussions there is always so much more work than during performance seasons and off seasons. The flexible and fluctuating working nature suited me very well and I was enjoying the work very much so.

During the spring of 2022 I went for an exchange to Netherlands and as I was there, I continued to work remotely for Exen but with a less intensive schedule. The multitasking was challenging but paid off in the end. As soon as I arrived back, I had my work hours done and the training was complete. The board supported and understood me throughout the whole PT period. I still continue to work for Exen while writing my thesis and finishing my degree. They have provided me with the most supportive and pleasant working experience.

Author: Gennady Chernyshev