Exploring Electric Transport with Cities Forum

The experience during the internship at Cities Forum was something new for me. Even though it was work-from-home situation for me, interactions with my colleagues and other professionals were informative and full of experience. The way I found out about the internship was through a contact, who also put a recommendation for me there. The hiring process after that was an interview with one of the management officials. During the internship, I was fortunate enough to be part of multiple projects, which were focused on electric mobility and smart cities. My role in these projects included data collection and report compilation and presentations. The data collection process itself was quite informative, which allowed me to conduct the research with an open-minded perspective towards EVs. The internship lasted for 4 months and this period has helped in shaping me into a better professional and I am grateful that I got the chance of working at such a firm.

Author: Akshit Luthra