Content creation from a travel marketing perspective                                

I did my internship at Visit Jyväskylä Region as a Travel Marketing Intern. I can give you a small spoiler here at the start already: The experience was amazing, rewarding and exciting.

During my nearly four month internship I have managed to infiltrate my way into the world of travel marketing and a very tight knit work community. The support I have received during this internship is unparallel and I will cherish it for years to come. I have gained confidence in my career choices and my skills.

At Visit Jyväskylä Region I have been given free range to explore many sides of marketing and even working as a Travel Advisor. From creating Rally content to writing Tip-lists all the way to writing articles, I’ve been able to let my creativity loose. Additionally I’ve been involved in international and domestic campaigns, setting up the campaign on the website, editing pictures and working tirelessly and intertwined with the WordPress-system.

I’ve been able to follow and assist in the creation of organic social media content, even running the company Instagram for a week, reposting interesting stories and interacting with followers.

All in all I have too many cool and creative tasks to even list, but all you need to know is that at Visit Jyväskylä Region you really get to impact what you do. This of course breeds the best experience and the best intern for the company.

Author: Silja Reitzer