International, multicultural work environment in a big process industry company – Valmet technologies Oy!

Wanting to stay in Jyväskylä during your studies, but want to work in international setting? Come to work for Valmet technologies Oy! Working for Valmet teaches you about working in a big corporation, and it gives you a great picture about what the business world is like in real life. As an employer, Valmet provides an enjoyable workspace, inspiring co-workers and overall, very positive atmosphere.

My practical training experience as a purchasing trainee started with getting to know the company and my tasks with the help of a more experienced colleague, who showed me how to get started with the software systems that the company uses, some practical tips and introduced me to my team, who I worked with. The process of getting to know the company and my job tasks was very pleasant, help was always available, and I started doing my job independently gradually as the weeks went by. There were some important things that I had to educate myself in through videos and exercises that were provided by the company in order to know the nuances of the company (what is privileged information, how to move safely around the industry area etc.).

My tasks during my practical training were purchasing spare-parts from suppliers, contacting them in problematic cases and solving them, handling invoices, solving problems with the warehouse executives regarding the ordered products and generally helping the purchasing engineers with their work. Basically, I acted as a replacement for the full-time employees during their summer vacation, which furthermore was an experience with full of responsibility.

My experience working for Valmet Technologies Oy was everything I expected. Interesting and challenging job, where I learned to use multiple new software systems (LN infor, Basware, Stream ect.), see how it is to work for a big corporate company and being surrounded in an international environment. Also, it was very beneficial for my degree, because I had to use a lot of English language, because large percentage of our suppliers and co-workers are from foreign countries, so there was a lot of communication done in English. My work colleagues were very supportive and welcomed me to the team with open arms and I really felt included and not as just some summer worker.

Author: Lassi Huittinen