Practical Training at Talent Boost

Hello, everyone! My name is Daniil Ryzhinskii and this year I work as Jamk Talent Boost trainee. You might have seen me occasionally in Talent Boost social medias. What to begin with in this blog?

Firstly, I would like to mention that Talent Boost is an amazing place to expand your network, show your competence and definitely develop your skills. Together with Piia Hynynen and Anna Zhuravleva you find the tasks which might the best fit your goals of the career development. For example, in my case I wanted to practice my Finnish language skills, take an action in event management and manage the social media channels. For me, Talent Boost became a place where I largely practiced the public speaking (ENG/FIN), practiced my Finnish language in official business communication and even hosted some events. I also was honoured to be a first guest at Talent Boost podcast, where I shared my journey of Finnish language learning.

Secondly, it is really important to mention that during these events you largely grow your network. You stay in touch company representatives and different local organizations, with whom you might be working in the future! Of course, it depends on your motivation a lot, but if you put an effort and show your positive sites, it is going to pay off! For instance, together with Anna Zhuravleva and Alex Dzharatov we had a chance to participate in the organization of Meidän Jyväskylä event together with the City of Jyväskylä where we were present as the hosts! At Talent Boost you expand your network not only during the events. For example, we had a series of meetings with our wonderful Jamk Rectors, during which we had a chance to have a discussion with Kaisamaria Thusberg (HR Director at S-Keskimaa).

Thirdly, I would like to dedicate a separate paragraph to thank my team with whom we have been working during Spring 2023! Dear Piia, Anna, Daria, Dilyara, Mays, Bushra and Lelan, you are the amazing human beings, with the spark in the eyes, with the dedicated approach and with the positive attitude. It was really easy to work with you, find the common areas in the development ideas and just have a free roam talks! I am really happy that I was a part of this team, and it was a pleasure to work with you. I learned a lot during this Practical Training, also thanks to you, ladies!

Author: Daniil Ryzhinskii