Practical training: The most delicious job

Moving to another country is an incredible adventure full of opportunities and… stress. One of the problems that most international students face is the financial situation. Therefore, having a job is a very big bonus from which you can take out a lot of useful experience.

I am very lucky with my current job. And I found it because of a lucky occasion. At first, I tried to find any kind of a summer job on online job searching platforms. And I even managed to find a job in a restaurant, which was illegal and I was paid 20-30 euros for 12 hours of work per night. But this option did not suit me at all. After a while, I  dropped my hands and stopped trying. However, just a few days later I find out from my friend that Itsudemo needs an employee. I immediately sent a message and after a couple of weeks I passed an interview and got a job at a small sushi bar.

I’ve been working at Itsudemo for a year now. I absolutely adore my job. The relationships within the team are incredibly nice. We all work like a small friendly family. This attitude in the company between colleagues and managers is due to the well-defined values and culture of the company. We have a huge poster hanging in which all the most important rules in communication are spelled out and we honour and respect them.

This month I was promoted. I am a deputy manager now. My workload has increased slightly, but I am only glad of it. More working hours, in my case, do not interfere. I was very surprised that in such a short time I was able to achieve promotion. My employers appreciated my efforts and initiatives. For me, this job is not only a way to earn money, but also to apply the knowledge gained in Jamk. Also, earn new experience. Because I now have the opportunity to see how the business works from an internal point of view.

I can definitely recommend Itsudemo as a place to take practical training, especially if you are an international student with little experience. You are guaranteed to be treated with respect and the company will do everything to provide comfort in working conditions.

Author: Timur Mamedov