Deep dive in to the middle of the running events

Hello everybody! My name is Semi Saari and I am studying in JAMK as a BBA in international business. I found a great practical training place from Suomen Urheiluliitto running events. I love all kind of sports and like to run distances such as half marathon and 10 kilometers, so this practical training was perfect fit for me. So when I saw declaration from SUL and that they are looking somebody to come to do practical training around running events. I immediately called and never regretted it. I got the spot and now you will hear little bit about my experiences during my three month long journey.

I began my journey as event intern in SUL 1st of May and ended it May 30th. First I was doing different kind of tasks such as developing the different running events mostly Helsinki City Running Day (which is actually the biggest running event in the whole Finland more than 15 000 runners), but also Naisten10, Espoo Rantamaraton and Pääkaupunkijuoksu.

My main tasks during the March and April was to be accountable for HCRD customer service including e-mails and phone calls about the upcoming event using English, Finnish and Swedish. I was also accountable for Minimarathon social media where I was completely alone planning, creating, editing and posting different kind of social media marketing around this upcoming event for the young kids from age 0-12 years old.

When the month turned to May the stress levels got up really high, but I enjoyed a lot working under the pressure. I was answering to phone calls and e-mails nonstop almost full May, so there was not many days without idea what to do. The most surprising part was to see how many different kind of problems and questions people attending the event can have before the running events.

I really enjoyed working in SUL and I hope all the people looking places containing events and sports will take this chance to do practical training in a place like this. I have learned a lot about running events and I know so much more about organizing events. I have already plans for the future for myself for organizing event, but at the moment I will not share it with you. Still don´t worry you will hear about my event sooner or later!

The running team in SUL was one of the greatest teams I have ever worked with maximum trust and wiliness to help in a problem situations. If you are not scared to get your hands dirty and get your adrenaline pumping at the same time you are working sometimes over the maximum working hours sport event business is for you! It is actually so rewarding to hear and see so many people enjoying perfectly organized event. I also got a chance during the HCRD to see the whole new renovated Helsinki Olympic Stadium and WOAH! It was beautiful I can say…

I have decided to plan and organize my own event someday with these teachings so in my opinion this practical training has been pretty successful for me. I also met so many new people and will keep enjoying running even more after this experience. I hope this blog post will give you some ideas about my experience around the running events and if you have at least little bit interest towards sport events and you will see open spot to get a chance either work or do practical training with SUL, you should take it. Now take a moment and enjoy couple pictures about my journey.

Author: Saari Semi