Internship at Nam Phat Company

The last internship brought me a lot of positive experiences and greatly supported my future career direction. Before the internship, I was also equipped with a lot of knowledge from teachers and friends at Jamk University. With the available career orientation, I also confidently chose an internship position suitable for my own career. What I like most about being an intern at the company “Nam Phat Import-export company” is that I will see the real working environment outside more closely and apply some of the knowledge learned from Jamk in real life. And what’s even more important during the internship is that I can visualize and define more clearly how to operate and run the system of an actual company. This is really meaningful for me as well as supporting my business in the future. And the following is the list of jobs that I have had practical experience as well as thanks to the support of colleagues that I have completed well in my internship. This is a list:

 · Receive purchase order.

 · Working with customers

· Discuss how to operate the order with relevant departments.

 · Make a list of necessary materials and materials to notify the supplier to prepare an order to keep up with the delivery schedule with the customer.

· Receive information from customer departments to compare whether the assessment is correct with the customer’s requirements.

· Transfer the necessary information to the production department.

I really appreciate the internship with my experience and knowledge that will help me a lot in my future career

Author: Nguyen Thi Yen Long